Calibrating a Wind Erosion Model - As a research assistant at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, I collaborated with a team at UCLA and Cal State East Bay to calibrate a high resolution wind erosion model using remote sensing-derived vegetation data. This project was part of an initiative at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health to study the environmental dynamics of Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis), a fungal infection transmitted by dust.
  Cloud-Optimized Polar Climate Model Validation - I developed code for a cloud-optimized python toolkit for validating polar climate models using satellite data. This project focused on streamlining the validation pipeline and developing easy-to-use methods for data wrangling, analysis, and visualization.
  ICESat-2 Jupyter Book - With my research advisor, I built an interactive Jupyter Book that highlights python code for analyzing winter sea ice growth in the Arctic over several years. This project uses monthly gridded sea ice thickness data derived from NASA's ICESat-2 satellite mission, along with related sea ice and atmospheric datasets. See the related publication.
  Parameterizing a Drought Index - I conducted original research for an undergraduate honors thesis where I evaluated a parameterization of an evapotranspiration-based drought index. This work relied on eddy covariance flux measurements and output from a planetary boundary layer model. See the related publication.